Meet the Chef Behind the Creativity

Mondelēz International is fortunate enough to have an exceptional chef in residence. With over 25 years years of professional culinary service, Executive Chef Patty Mitchell knows her ways around a recipe, and she's sharing what inspires and delights her in and out of the kitchen.

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Patty Mitchel

With over 30 years of experience, Executive Chef Patty Mitchell is a pro when it comes to dreaming up unique treats that drive trends and delight patrons. A Culinary Institute of America–trained chef, she says that for her, there was no other career choice.

“Being a chef is in your blood; it’s almost as if the career chooses you,” says Chef Mitchell. “I enrolled in Culinary Institute of America and the rest is history.”

Chef Mitchell has built her career as a pastry chef and recipe innovator working with unforgettable ingredients and brands including CHIPS AHOY! Chocolate Chip Cookies, PREMIUM Saltine Crackers, HONEY MAID Graham Crackers and—her favorite—OREO Cookies, among many others.

But how do you take big-name brands and turn them into something new and exciting? With imagination and inspiration. And when it comes to finding that special spark of inspiration, nothing is off limits.

“If you think about it, inspiration comes from everywhere,” says Chef Mitchell. “Everything we see, feel, smell … our emotions and reactions to things.”

Just look at one dish Chef Mitchell is particularly proud of, the S’mores Pots de Crème featuring OREO, is based on a French favorite with a decidedly American twist.

But her love for international flavors extends beyond the back of house. When Chef Mitchell isn’t behind the line, she seeks out exotic flavors to enjoy. She says if she could only eat one meal for the rest of her life it would have to be Vietnamese food. “The flavors are so fresh and vibrant.”

Check back soon for more fresh ideas and vibrant flavors from Chef Mitchell’s kitchen. And visit our recipe center for innovative treats featuring top branded ingredients.

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