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Brand Names Are a Big Deal with Dessert Consumers

Brand Enhanced Desserts

What’s in a name? A whole lot when it comes to the desserts consumers prefer. Well-known brands have the power to increase sales, repeat visits and customer satisfaction. As a result, many restaurant operators are giving their menus an upgrade by adding items with high brand recognition.

62% of consumers surveyed like to order desserts containing brand-name ingredients.1

With so many foodservice operations vying for consumers’ time and money, branded menu offerings are a great way to attract attention and build trust. Restaurants, delicatessens, hospital cafes, school dining halls, corporate cafeterias—foodservice establishments are everywhere, touching nearly every part of the consumer’s life. Branded menu items help you stand out in the blur and make a favorable impression.

Branded menu offerings are also an important plus for suppliers, who gain exposure for their own brand in establishments that are known for high standards and commitment to excellence. A shared commitment to brand integrity is mutually beneficial for you and your suppliers.

Brand Enhanced Desserts

But adding popular, trusted brands and brand ingredients to your dessert menu does more than contribute to your good reputation; it also helps boost your bottom line by impressing upon the consumer the value, variety and quality of your desserts. Instead of substitutes, consumers are getting the “real” brands they favor.

Recognizable brand logos on your menu can lead consumers to infer that your establishment doesn’t settle for second best. Your customers can be confident that the desserts they order are made of the finest ingredients and will provide the best taste experience. Top brands are more likely to command top dollar from consumers who demand quality and authenticity. By offering familiar brands and consistent food quality, you encourage customer loyalty and a higher check average.

Brand trust is particularly important to younger consumers who are interested in better-for-you options. Reliability and consistency are vital in putting them at ease about the nutritional content of your offerings. 41% of survey participants from Generation Z (consumers under age 20) and 32% of millennials said they would pay higher prices for better-for-you food products.2 What’s more, three in five parents (62%) ranked the nutritional value of menu items as their most important factor when choosing a restaurant for their families.3

To appeal to these wellness-oriented and calorie-conscious demographics, consider offering branded mini treats such as brownie bites, mini cupcakes and portioned cookies made with oats and other wholesome ingredients. These delicious bites can double as versatile add-ons to enhance a wide variety of desserts. Pairing fruit with frozen yogurt, ice cream and chocolate is also a smart way to offer balanced treats.

However you decide to upgrade your dessert menu, remember that the brands you serve are a direct reflection of your establishment. The better the brand perception, the better your bottom line is likely to be.

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