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Mindful Eating: The No-Brainer That Helps Nourish Business

2018 Mindful Eating Trends

29% of consumers surveyed say they are increasingly eating healthier desserts.1

The old adage, “you are what you eat,” has gained new currency as offerings with better-for-you and socially responsible attributes become the key food driver for 2018, according to the global research and analytics firm Innova Market Insights.2 Today’s increasingly wellness-oriented consumers are moving toward simple, ethically sourced fare free of artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

A more holistic approach to well-being has been growing steadily. Consumers have become more mindful of how their food consumption affects them and the causes they care about.2 As a result, there’s been a spike in interest in better-for-you products that align with consumers’ social values.

Innova’s survey data shows that mindful eating takes both body and mind into account, balancing food choices that promote physical wellness with ethical claims that provide peace of mind while making a positive impact.2 Two in 5 U.S. and U.K. consumers surveyed have increased their consumption of more nutritious food, while the compound annual growth rate of food and beverage launches with ethical claims has risen over 44% over a 6-year period.2

When it comes to your dessert menu, it’s time to get real. One in 5 U.S. survey participants say real ingredients are the greatest influence on their food purchasing decisions, and 1 in 2 U.S., U.K. and German consumers surveyed read ingredient labels often.2

Think Millennials: Being Mindful of Key Market Makes Dollars and Sense

The 2017 Dessert Consumer Trend Report from Technomic, a market research firm specializing in the foodservice industry, found that younger consumers gravitate to venues that accommodate their health and dietary needs.3

Growing awareness of the prevalence of food allergies seems to be a contributing factor in the rise of mindful eating, as consumers become more aware of ingredients that could trigger harmful reactions in themselves or their children. Foodservice operators with menus that meet the needs of millennials with dairy-free, gluten-free and other “free-from” dietary restrictions will be in a favorable position to attract and retain these customers in 2018.

Technomic data aligns with Innova’s regarding the importance of real ingredients. Of the top “quality and health-halo” purchase intent attributes identified by Technomic, “real” tops the list, with 76% of survey participants citing it as important.4 And 47% within that group said they would be willing to pay extra for desserts with real ingredients.4

Millennials are leading the charge for mindful choices, with Nielsen data showing their strong preference for products that are organic, free of GMOs and without added hormones. Mindful eating gravitates toward products which are not only better for consumers, but better for their families and the planet as well. Mondelēz International’s holistic approach to well-being is meeting consumer demand with a focus on four pillars: sustainability, well-being snacks, community and safety.

Two Peas in a Pod: Mindful Choices and Social Responsibility

As young consumers with spending power estimated at $2.45 trillion,5 millennials are a market force to help take mindful eating and the social responsibility associated with it to new heights in the new year.

With 70% of millennials surveyed willing to pay more for food items that reflect issues they care about,5 it makes sense to include mindful options in your product selection. And if those options are also an excellent value, they’re bound to leave an even better taste in your customer’s mouth. Consider adding products like TRISCUIT and Véa varieties of Non-GMO Project Verified crackers to bolster your product assortment.

Mind Your Banners: Merchandising Mindful Choices

Given the growing demand for mindful options, if you have ‘em, flaunt ‘em. If you’re an independent operator, consider using displays and signage to merchandise products with real and responsible claims. If you’re a restaurant operator, modify your menu to tout the use of trusted and traceable ingredients. Your social media and web site are also good places to promote your mindful product mix.

Regardless of the size or type of foodservice establishment you operate, you can turn mindful preferences into a competitive advantage by calling out your commitment to simple, wholesome and fresh ingredients.

On premises, online and on social media, being more mindful about your dessert menu may be one of the smartest ways to boost sales and customer satisfaction. To learn more about mindful eating, be sure to read our web page on the trend.

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