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Smart Snacking Stays a Top Trend for 2017

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With the dawn of a new year comes the annual rise in resolutions. As with every year, many of those declarations will probably surround wellness goals. From hitting the gym to eating well, January is the month for making personal promises. But according to our experts, conscious eating is here to stay all year long.

Regardless of the reason to reach for a snack, consumers still want better-for-you options, even for “special treat” occasions. That’s why it’s extremely important for operators to provide a wide variety of sweet AND savory options to help capture sales from consumers with all kinds of snacking desires.

Fresh fruit and granola are great on-the-go options. Pair with fresh or frozen yogurt for a protein-packed offering with major upsell opportunity. Treats like these will help consumers maintain their goals and help you build incremental profits.

Pre-packaged and portion-controlled snacks are also easy ways to attract consumers seeking an anytime treat without worrying they’ve blown their resolutions. Portioned trail mix chock full of sweet and savory ingredients including pretzels, chocolate chips, yogurt-covered raisins or even jerky will help you appeal to a wide variety of consumers.

Mini treats are another great way to keep smart snackers engaged in your offerings. Traditionally sweet options in small, shareable sizes—such as mini shakes, bite-sized brownies and portion cookies—could help diminish any feelings of resolution breaking and keep customers coming back to you through the resolution season and beyond.

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