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Snacking on the go is on the rise

snacking on the go

As the world speeds up and everyone tries to do more in less time, many people just want to grab a bite and go. Often, they rely on quick, portable snacks and desserts to satisfy their needs. Tapping in to this growing trend towards portability could be a simple way for you to expand your foodservice offerings and grow your business.

Unlock the power of portability

How do you know you are offering the right choices to fulfill your customers’ portable snacking needs? When it comes to portability, the key to a successful snack and dessert menu is ensuring its appeal to your customers. Whether you are adapting items from your current menu or creating new selections altogether, here are some tips to follow:

1. Make it bite sized.

Mini or micro versions of your popular menu items could become the next on-the-go snack sensation.

2. Make it a drink, shake or smoothie.

These beverages are extremely portable and easy to consume on the move. Add some fruit, Greek yogurt and/or almond butter so it’s delicious and nutritious.

3. Make sure it’s not messy.

Portable snacks are best eaten without utensils. And they’re even better if they can be eaten with only one hand.

4. Make sure it’s packaged with portability in mind.

A container that fits in a vehicle cup holder is particularly convenient. Edible packages (e.g. an ice cream cone) or no package at all (e.g. food on a stick) are other great options. Don’t be afraid to be creative! State fairs and street festivals have been known to offer everything from pizza to deep-fried kosher dill pickles on a stick.

5. Make it quick.

People on the go don’t have time to wait, so make sure your portable snacks and desserts can be served quickly. Consider offering online ordering or a take-out only counter to help people get in and out quickly.

6. Make sure it’s priced right.

People want good value for their dollar, even when it comes to snacks and desserts. Premium ingredients may justify a higher cost, but many people expect these items to be more affordable than other options.

portable potential
These recipes can help kick start your portable menu offerings.
Double-Chocolate Shake with OREO Double-Chocolate Shake with OREO Crunchy Double-Chocolate Peanut Butter Cones Crunchy Double-Chocolate Peanut Butter Cones Avocado Hummus Spread Avocado Hummus Spread

Another on-the-go option: Create a “counter” culture

If developing a unique portable snack and dessert menu is not feasible for your business, there is another way to take advantage of this trend. Consider offering pre-packaged, single serving snack or dessert items such as cookies, gum, bars, crackers, mints or candy at a counter near your cash register. All of these items can be taken away from your establishment and consumed easily on the go.

Proof that portable is popular¹

of snackers are
looking for a snack that is

of all snackers want
a snack that’s easy to
eat on the go
62% of consumers said
that most snacks they bought to
eat away from home were
impulse purchases
Last year, 22% of snacks
were purchased
at restaurants
up 5% from 2010

¹ Statistics from Mintel Menu Insights, Mintel Trends in Snacking and Value Menus in Foodservice, and Technomic Snacking Occasions Consumer Trend Report

Why offer snacks and desserts?

If you’re not yet offering a snack and desserts menu,
here are a few reasons why you should consider it:

Lower price points for these items make them attractive impulse purchases

Snacks and smaller portions have stronger upsell potential

You’ll create a new opportunity to drive guest traffic and boost sales throughout the day, especially during the mid-morning and mid-afternoon day-parts, which are typically slower than peak meal times

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