Incorporating foodservice trends in your menu can give you an edge over the competition. Mondelēz International Foodservice makes this task easier by identifying trends that we believe are poised to go mainstream in 2014 and beyond.

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Healthy Choices

Here's to Better Choices!

A few short decades ago, many Americans didn't consider how diet affected their health. The health trend has gone mainstream. The impact of this trend can be seen on snack and dessert menus across the country.

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Social Media

Social media: Start the conversation now!

In the last 10 years, social media has exploded on the scene, sparking conversation and engaging like-minded people in virtual communities. Now, more people spend time on social networks than any other category of websites.

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The Rise of Flavor Combinations.

As global influences become more mainstream across the U.S., people now expect sophisticated flavor combinations from their favorite foodservice providers.

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Irresistibly Bold. Intensely Wholesome.

Fuel your business and attract today's snacking generation with the bold taste and 100% whole grain crunch of WHEAT THINS Zesty Salsa and Spicy Buffalo.

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Profit from portability now.

Snacking on the go is a trend on the rise, with 61% of snackers choosing something portable.* This represents a huge opportunity for restaurants and foodservice operators. We have some simple tips to help you capitalize on this trend and make portability profitable for your business.

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* Mintel Menu Insights (May 2010)

The 2013 Snack & Dessert Trend Report

What’s influencing the popularity of new snacks and desserts? How can your business capitalize on the latest trends? This report explores what’s hot for snacks and desserts in 2013, as well as the impact these trends might have on your business.

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Sell More Ice Cream with OREO and OREO Crème Icing Variegate.

Leverage the power of OREO cookies and OREO Crème Icing Variegate and give operators fun, new ways to spread the flavor of America’s #1 Favorite Cookie* across their menus.

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*ACNielsen, week ending 12/29/12- based on dollar sales

Add the Power of America’s Top Cookie Brands to Your Desserts

In it. Over it. Under it. With it. There’s no limit to the delicious possibilities our branded cookie pieces, crumbs, variegate and more can bring to your desserts. View our complete portfolio of inclusions and ingredients from the best-selling cookie brands in the country. Plus get delicious application ideas. Download now.

Small in size, big on goodness.

There are plenty of good reasons to add HONEY MAID Lil’ Squares to your snack lineup. Made with real honey and 51% whole grain per 30g serving, bite-sized LIL’ SQUARES are a fun, wholesome snack for all ages.

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Power Up Breakfast Sales

belVita Breakfast Biscuits help you power your morning business. Over the past year, 75% of Americans have made an effort to eat more foods with whole grains.* Get the delicious breakfast bar that brings customers what they’re looking for: nutritious, sustained energy all morning long.

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*International Food Information Council Foundation, 2012 Food & Health Survey

New Wholesome Snack: RITZ Crackerfuls Cracker Sandwiches

Satisfy your customers’ between-meal hunger and boost your bottom line with the new wholesome cracker sandwich that’s delicious and filling. RITZ Crackerfuls has the premium, better-for-you appeal of whole grains, real cheddar cheese and America’s #1-selling cracker brand.*

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*ACNielsen, 52 weeks ending 07/24/10

Twice the Selling Potential from Two New Variety Cases!

Reduce upfront costs and increase incremental sales with two new Gum Variety Cases that feature the best-selling flavors from TRIDENT and STRIDE. Now you can easily offer the refreshing gum assortment your customers want and better manage your inventory. Plus, get a FREE counter rack to display your variety case gum!

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Best-Selling Flavor: WHEAT THINS Sundried Tomato & Basil

Enjoy big returns with the bold flavor and whole-grain crunch of WHEAT THINS Sundried Tomato & Basil crackers—the most successful WHEAT THINS retail flavor ever!* This toasted, crunchy alternative to traditional chips contains 17g of whole grains, and all the excitement of a retail record-breaker.

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* ACNielsen, FDMx data through 8/20/11