Chef Patty's Culinary Corner

Chef Patty Gives a Glimpse Into Her Kitchen, Including Inspirations Behind Her Favorite Culinary Creations and Tips for Operators.

Chef Patty's Culinary Corner

Mondelēz International Foodservice is fortunate enough to have an exceptional chef in residence. With over 25 years of professional culinary service, Executive Chef Patty Mitchell knows her way around a recipe, and she’s sharing what inspires and delights her in and out of the kitchen.
Adapting to the Times button

Adapting to the Times

With technology and trends developing faster than ever before, it can be a challenge for chefs and operators to keep up—and to know which are relevant for their operations. Mondelēz International Foodservice Chef Patty Mitchell helps us focus on the major industry trends that warrant operator attention right now, including the move towards smaller plates, profitable dessert cocktails and the delivery economy.

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Update on the Classics

Most consumers admit they are looking for something new when dining out. That gives chefs a lot of room to play with new recipes and cutting-edge flavor combos. While global flavors are popular,1 the latest and greatest taste trends aren’t always overseas imports. In fact, from Baked Alaska to pineapple upside-down cake, reimagining and reinventing nostalgic flavors and perennial favorites is opening up a whole new generation of chefs and consumers to some old-school favorites. We asked Mondelēz International Foodservice Executive Chef Patty Mitchell to weigh in on the nostalgic trend and share some of her favorite reimagined recipes.

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Ingredient Insider

Learn the secrets to great ingredients. From an unexpected flavor to using a traditional ingredient in a totally unexpected way, see how experimenting with flavor shapes Chef Patty’s innovations.

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Tasty Travels with Chef Patty

When planning her next great adventure, local cuisine and culinary discovery play a major role in Chef Patty’s decision. From Thailand and Cambodia to France, Mexico and more-domestic locales, the flavors of each delicious destination have inspired her in more ways than one. Chef Patty brings a piece of each unique place home in her heart—a spice, an exotic ingredient, an emerging trend—and pours the experiences into her recipes. With so many cultures and cuisines yet to explore, Chef Patty can’t wait to embark on her next trek to satisfy her culinary wanderlust.

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Meet the Chef Behind the Creativity

Executive Chef Patty Mitchell has over 33 years of experience producing the highest-quality pastries, confections, ice creams, wedding cakes and baked goods in fine hotels, restaurants and the manufacturing industry. A Culinary Institute of America graduate, Chef Patty has built her career as a pastry chef and recipe innovator working with ingredients and brands including CHIPS AHOY! Cookies, PREMIUM Saltine Crackers, HONEY MAID Graham Crackers and—her favorite—OREO Cookies, among many others. Chef Patty works with customers and manufacturers to create delicious menu options for restaurants, in-store bakery, c-stores and many other foodservice segments. Chef Patty holds the following certifications and professional memberships: Certified Research Chef from the Research Chefs Association, Certified Master Baker by Retail Bakers of America (2009), and Certified Hospitality Educator (2001) from the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute, Certified Research Chef (2017) and is on the Certification committee of the Research Chefs Association.

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1. Technomic, Flavor Consumer Trend Report (2017)

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